Skin Care

How to eliminate scars


Whenever your skin is damaged, the platelets will form to cover the exposed area to prevent infections. The scars later form as part of the healing process. The scars are formed because of surgery, accidents, and disease. The wounds, however, begin fading over time leaving a dark spot. The dark spots usually remain for a more extended period and may make some people uncomfortable especially if they are the most visible areas of the body. If you want to eliminate these scars, then an appointment with the dermatologist might be in the offing. Let us look at some of the ways of removing these scars;

Appointment with a dermatologist

If you want to eliminate your scars, it is recommended that you visit a dermatologist. A dermatologist is a medical professional who has specialized in the treatment that is related to the skin, hair, and nails. A dermatologist will be able to run several tests and advise you accordingly. It is important to note that there are various skin types. What may work for one individual may not be what will work for another individual. You need individualized tests and medication when treating your scars.


The surgical scar revision

The surgical scar revision is one of the methods that the dermatologists use to remove the scars. With this technique, the dermatologist will surgically remove the scars from your body. This type of scar removal method is ideal for the scars that are wide and long in appearance. After the surgery, it is critical to follow the dermatologist’s aftercare instructions so that you heal faster and prevent infections.

Dermabrasion treatments

The dermabrasion treatment is another way of eliminating the scars. If you have minor scars on your body, then this is an ideal method of removing scars to use. According to how severe, the scar is several follow-up treatments might be recommended.

Appearance of the thick scars

You can use the soft tissue fillers to enhance the appearance of the thick scars. The dermatologist will use your collagen material or fat to improve the appearance of the scars on your body. The process involves the injection of the collagen materials in the area with the scars. This scar removal method is ideal for the scars that have a depressed appearance.

Punch grafts

The punch grafts can also be used in the removal of the scars. The dermatologist will use a scalpel to cut the unwanted marks on your body surgically. After cutting the unwanted part, he will then graft the unscarred skin on the area with the scar. This will result in a smoother appearance of the old scar site. Aftercare instructions which must be followed to the letter will also be provided to prevent infections.


Another way of eliminating the scars is through the cryosurgery method. Just like the other scar removal methods, this process should be carried out by a dermatologist. This operation involves the freezing of the top layers of the skin, once the blisters form the excess scar tissues will be removed. It is often recommended that you avoid sunlight as one of the aftercare of this procedure. This is because the skin is usually sensitive.